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If you haven't tried our New Webmail interface, you should. Included are filters, a task manager, calendar and many features found in office applications. Plus you can use it on the road
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As the premier internet service provider in the Florida Keys, supplying connectivity is but one of the services we offer.

Listed here is residential services offered.
For Business Services and Solutions
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    Dial-up Access
  • 56k


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WARP Speed - 56k Digital Dial-Up Access
  • Includes 1 email account
  • Additional email addresses - $2.00/mo

Unlimited Access
Dial-up Plus Internet Access
  • Includes web hosting and unlimited email addresses

Free Set-up
Wireless Broadband Services (WLB)

Our basic WLB is five times the speed of DSL. DSL runs from 30 - 40 milliseconds of latency. Our wireless broadband is about 5 milliseconds. The massively reduced latency results in incredibly responsive broadband connectivity. Our basic WLB service is 1.5Mb x 256k and installation starts at $195**.
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WLB-PLUS - & More Features
WLB-PLUS 3Mb Internet Access . king, Domain & Web Hosting and 5 Email Addys. Home Networking installation is $85 for an ethernet router or $125 for a wireless router. WLB-PLUS installation is as low as $95**.
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WLB-Extreme 6Mb Internet Access
$79.95/mo - Free Installation
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20Mb High Capacity Internet Access
$129.95/mo - Free Installation
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DSL-PLUS Broadband
While you're waiting for WLB to become available in your area, our DSL Broadband Access is no slouch. You're still accessing the Net via the World's Fastest Gateway.
  • DSL 1.5Mb Internet Access $49.95/mo - $95 Installation
  • DSL-Plus 3Mb Internet Access $59.95/mo - $95 Installation
  • DSL-Extreme 6Mb Internet Access $79.95/mo - $95 Installation

DSL-PLUS for your home includes your own Domain, Web Hosting, 5 Email Addys and Home Networking (PPPOE Connection).
The Next Generation of Home Networking

Having three computers in the house and one broadband connection used to be a problem. You could get an expensive Static IP account and string cables around the house. Even that didn't get you access on your laptop while you were sitting on the deck enjoying Paradise. Our Wireless Home Networking solves that problem. You can connect all of your computers without any cables and browse the web while enjoying the weather. Installation is $125.
Included with PLUS and MAX Accounts

TNN TruClear Voice Home Phone Service

$39.95/mo - $75 Installation
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • All Features
SmartMail Fax

SmartMail Fax Service - $29.95/mo - $35 Installation
SmartMail Fax Service bundled with access account $9.95/mo - $35 Installation

Online Back-Up

  • TNN Phoenix Backup Service - $29.95/mo - Free Installation
  • TNN Phoenix Backup Service bundled with access account $4.95/mo - Free Installation
Extras - PLUS Accounts Et cetera
For the family, we offer PLUS accounts for each of the above access plans. PLUS accounts add a personal domain (TheSmithFamily.com) with four more email addys (five total). If you want a place to post your holiday pictures for the relatives, add PLUS Web Hosting. PLUS accounts are only $5/month. Add just $5/month more for PLUS Web Hosting. Static IPs are available for $20/mo for the first one and $10/mo for add'l IPs. If you just need a second email address, we provide those for $2/month. If there is something you want and don't find it listed here, give us a call and ask. We'll make ya a deal. (305)453.4011

Extras - PLUS Accounts Et cetera
Asterisks & Other Things

* DSL Broadband requires a phone line from BellSouth.

** WLB installation prices include no extraordinary measures. We are building our WLB infrastructure to include neighborhood microcells allowing simple antenna mounts on your outside wall or soffit. Additional pole or tower mounting required will be done at cost and a quotation provided to you prior to installation.

DSL Contracts - Installation of DSL Connectivity is for One Year Minimum unless upgrading to WLB Connectivity. Contract Period for WLB Upgrades is six months. Early termination is $125 and you must return the modem. You will be charged $125 for USB modem or $150 for Ethernet modem along with the Early Termination Fee of $125. When you return the modem in working order, the modem charge will be refunded.

WLB Contracts - WLB service is month-to-month. You may inactivate your service at any time. Your latest month of service is not prorated and must be paid in full. WLB Promotional Installations require one year of total service. If you inactivate your account prior to one year of service, you will be charged $250. The $250 will be refunded when the account is reactivated or one year service completed and the equipment is returned.

All Broadband Installations require a current credit card to guarantee payment. Accepting installation contractually commits you to the above terms.

  • Wireless Router - $125
  • Conventional Router - $95
  • All Wireless Network Cards - $65
  • Conventional Network Cards - $35
We don't sell hardware. We provide installation service. Installation services are not subject to sales tax. The above prices are all inclusive.