TNN/Phoenix Online Back Up

What is TNN/Phoenix backup?

A backup is an additional copy of data stored on your computer. Such backups are mostly made on tape or DVD. However, TNN/Phoenix Online Backup uses your Internet connection to make backups of your work, every day and fully automated.

Advantages of TNN/Phoenix backup.

Online backup has many practical advantages in relation to tape and DVD alternatives:

  • Easier

  • Backups are always made. A full backup is made at least once a day.

  • Safer

  • We will automatically check whether each backup has been successful.

  • More privacy

  • All backups are encrypted and can only be read with your own password.
  • More locations

  • We store your data at different locations. As a result, you never run the risk of losing any backups. You can transfer data back to your own PC or to any other system of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • More versions

  • While restoring files you can choose from many different versions; yesterday, last week, one month ago and so on. These older versions can be restored to any location on your hard disk or network.

  • Easy restore

  • Restoring your files is incredibly simple. Click 'My Backup', log in and select the files you need. Any time, any place, to any type of computer.

  • Cheaper

  • Making conventional backups costs time and effort. Making online backups is a fully automated process. One less worry.

    TNN/Phoenix Secure Online Backup is only $19.95 with basic residential broadband service and starts at $24.95 with basic business broadband service. It's included with many of our premium packages.


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